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Decaffeinated Coffee

The decaffeination of coffee dates back to the first part of the twentieth century in Germany, around 1905, thanks to Ludwig Roselius.
Incorrectly, this method is often seen as something which deprive coffee from its own aroma. In fact, thanks to the modern, and constantly perfectioned, technologies available, decaffeinated coffee allows everyone to taste all the coffee fragrance simply limiting the caffeine levels. Actually, the coffee fragrance depends on the concentration of the aromatic substances developed during the roasting whereas the removal of caffeine is concerns the raw coffee beans. After all, caffeine, an alkaloid present in all types of green coffee, does not give any aroma or taste to the coffee, not even after roasting.
Decaffeinated coffee was born for those consumers who want to enjoy an unalterated taste and aroma of the full-appreciated drink limiting the intake of that stimulant part of coffee, caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee is particularly recommended for those who suffer from ulcer or serious heart diseases.
Though being caffeine- free, decaffeinated coffee keeps all the qualities of coffee coming from other important substances like the tannin, keeping its anti-oxidant qualities that protect arteries.

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