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Our Method

The selection of coffee beans is vital to obtain a perfectly harmonic product and totally free from any imperfection.
That is why Brasilrecca has chosen to refer the process of selection-importation only to skilled workers with expertise in the several stages of the coffee processing.
Only after the positive result of strict laboratory organoleptic tests, the company is ready to accept the supply and start with the stages of the processing. All the stages are purposely organized to obtain Brasilrecca’s unique blend.
The blends are the result of coffee beans of different origins. Each origin brings its aromatic notes, its flavour , both sweet and bitter, and its particular body. Brasilrecca’s exclusive quality is reached thanks to many factors such as: the high number of coffee beans blended, the excellent quality of beans used, roasting in small lots, roasting according to the typology of coffee and not its blend, seasoning before and after the blending obtained by roasting on a low flame by means of sophisticated machineries.
Thus Brasilrecca produces only one blend, the one they consider to be the best. A slow and expensive method, as the old tradition requires, but reliable and constant thanks to modern technologies, is used to intensify the best fragances and reduce the possible taste characteristics which may be “unpleasant to the palate”.
Successively, the coffee is packed in a “clean room”, in its proper packets in various sizes. The packets are made of the best and high-thick materials to grant the highest protection from any external factors.

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